Don't Call Us "Nannies"

For busy parents that need a sitter and are looking for more than just a nanny, we are proud to offer a new service where we bring the fun to your home with one-on-one STEAM-infused activities!


With an introductory price of only $25 per hour:

  • We provide all supplies needed for the STEAM activity
  • STEAM activities last for approx. 30 mins ea
  • Services run in 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour time blocks
  • 1 STEAM activity is offered for every two hour service

Booking Your Sitter Service Is A Breeze

Complete the steps below to get started. 

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STEP 3: Pay for your STEAM Sitter 


Activities Offered


Computer Coding

(For 3rd Grade & Up)

With this activity, your child will be introduced to fundamental computer programming concepts. He or she will learn how to create an animation, computer game, or an interactive project using Scratch, a graphical programming language developed at MIT. Scratch was designed to teach children how to code easily without any programming experience. They use the drag and drop feature to snap pieces of code together like building blocks to investigate the technical nuances of coding. They are then able to share their project with other Scratch students on an open source portal!




With Pre-Med activities, your child will learn about how the body works and discover the importance of maintaining a healthy heart and lungs. Your child may create a model to understand how the organs work together in the body and may be introduced to some of the medical equipment used to monitor these organs. He or she will learn how to count their pulse rate, listen to their heart beat with a stethoscope and even learn how to take a blood pressure reading and oxygen saturation of the blood with an oximeter!

Homework Help

Homework Help

If your child needs one-on-one assistance with homework, our STEAM Sitters are available to give them an extra boost to help them succeed. Our positive, can-do attitude towards learning coupled with personalized teaching techniques can help motivate your child to do their best in any subject matter.


STEAM Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Your child will enjoy making electronic art projects such as illuminating neck ties, buzzing book marks and funky, light-up bracelets. In addition, he or she will also enjoy engaging in creative art projects with clay, paper mache, and other art mediums!




Each activity begins with meditation, where your child will sit or lay on a mat, focusing on their breathing, and allow the rhythm of each breath to transition them from one pose to the next. From there, he or she will transition into intense strengthening and flexibility training. They will explor the movements that focus on balance, alignment of the body, muscles of the body, and breath.