Who We Are

Generation Infocus is a social innovation organization. 

We implement School Day labs, After School and Summer Activity programs for students Pre K-12. We use project-based learning to engage young minds and foster career champions.



Our Mission

All of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, and hopes are centered on the ideology that with the proper knowledge and support, children can do anything. We strive to push the boundaries of what students believe they are able to do and ultimately be. Our hope is to walk alongside the youth as memories of our hands on, minds on challenges fuel their spirit of courage. We hope they will say it was with Generation Infocus that they first began to believe that there are no limits to what they can accomplish. As a result, we expect our children to be bold in The pursuit of STEAM careers, tackling the world’s toughest challenges and believing they can start now.


We aim to make a difference. We believe that through active STEAM engagement programming this generation will become the agents of change that our world needs.


We believe that by providing 21st century career connections, we can instill hope for a future in all of our students. We are hopeful in every child’s ability to succeed and we know that we must contribute to their success. 


We believe we can influence our community by cultivating impactful and engaged citizens. By creating a chain of reaction that starts with our students, we believe that we can shift the minds of our community to embrace a 21st century world. 

Some of our exciting STEAM programs include:

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