For Schools


School Day STEAM Lab programming is where we create makers’ spaces in schools. Teachers are able to drop their students off during their planning time while we provide educational workshops that are a part of the school day curriculum. We are replacing specials with STEAM! 


Our STEAM After School Programs are very different than the typical after school program. Our programs immerse students into a STEAM-filled interactive curriculum Monday through Friday from school dismissal (around 2:00pm to 6:30 pm), giving us over 20 quality contact hours per week with our students.

Throughout the semester, students engage with assorted STEAM inspired subjects, such as wearable technology, circuits in motion, premed, dance, etc. In each subject area, the students work collaboratively on projects of various calibers and difficulties, ranging from recitals to creating a smartphone app, to constructing an all recycled material article of clothing.


In addition to school day and after school programs, we also offer various Summer Activity Program opportunities to students in our local area.

All of our summer programs are conducted using our STEAM Works™ curriculum that engages students in STEAM filled activities and lessons throughout the program.

Maker's Fairs!

Connected in all of our after-school programs, Maker's Fairs allow our students to demonstrate what they've learned over the course of their time with Generation Infocus. Communities and parents are invited to join us and attend this event at one of our locations near you.


Check out a highlight from one of our Maker's Fairs below!

I'm not looking for a yearly program, but I need a STEAM class...

For organizations/schools that already have a structured after school program, we offer to provide our STEAM Studio Elective Courses. Our teachers pop in to provide skill driven STEAM courses such as wearable technology, water robotics, martial arts, etc. in a 1-3 hour studio class. Often times organizations will have us come in and teach a round of STEAM classes so that we teach one or multiple courses throughout the day to serve as many students as possible.