Thank you for your interest in Generation Infocus
school programming.

We partner with schools and organizations to expand STEAM learning and development through Day Labs, After School and Summer Activity Programming. We’re committed to providing learning opportunities and career exposure that bolster students’ interest in STEAM focused 21st century job opportunities. 


What Makes Us Different?


Generation Infocus uses a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) focused program to intentionally provide career-based learning opportunities and exposure to our students.

We believe that through active STEAM engagement programming this generation will become the agents of change that our world needs. They will pioneer medical research that will save lives, create business innovations that boost the economy, and produce artworks that unite nations among many achievements. We believe in every child’s ability to succeed and we know that we must contribute to their success.


School Programs


School Day Labs

School Day STEAM Lab programming is where we create makers’ spaces in schools. Teachers are able to drop their students off during their planning time while we provide educational workshops that are a part of the school day curriculum. We are replacing specials with STEAM! 


After School

Our After School Programs immerse students into a STEAM-filled interactive curriculum Monday through Friday from school dismissal (around 2:00pm to 6:30 pm). Throughout the semester, students engage with assorted STEAM inspired subjects and work collaboratively on projects of various calibers and difficulties. Our program includes homework help, a snack and a STEAM lesson every day.


Summer Camp Activities

In addition to school day and after school programs, we also offer Summer Camp to students in our local area. Our exciting Summer Camp experience engages students in hands-on, minds-on STEAM filled projects throughout the entire day. Our program includes meals and fitness activities every day! We can partner with your school to be your summer camp provider - just give us a call!

Maker's Fairs

Connected in all of our after-school programs, Maker's Fairs allow our students to demonstrate what they've learned over the course of the semester with Generation Infocus. Parents and the school community are invited to join us as we proudly highlight student projects and performances in this very special production.

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Why STEAM Works


Other after-school providers require payment for each individual class. To provide equal learning opportunities, our STEAM program is ALL-INCLUSIVE and every student can participate in each STEAM lab with no extra pricing add-ons. Everyone gets dance, coding, pre-med and much more! 


Our project-based learning approach helps children experience the real-world with tangible results, career connections and learning that’s fun and comprehensive. 


We provide our after school and school day lab clients with data reports that support the results of our program in alignment with Georgia Milestones, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.