We believe in every child’s ability to succeed and we know that we must contribute to their success.

The goal of our program is to provide engaging learning experiences in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). We want to prepare students for 21st century jobs by providing them with career-focused curriculum and activities.


After School

We offer classes such as Wearable Technology, Theater, Computer Coding, and Pre-Med! Our all-inclusive after school program includes a snack, homework help and an exciting STEAM lesson. 

For program rates or if you need assistance with registration Please call us at 404-525-5561 or email your school's Site Director.

To Register or Make a Payment

Find your school location to learn more about our program offerings.

Find the REGISTER HERE button to begin the registration process.

Homeschool Enrichment

We provide home school educators with the opportunity to introduce STEAM based courses into their schedule. 

Homeschooling provides parents with the freedom of choice. The power to choose what you believe is best for your child’s education is paramount. The choice to give them an active educational balance that fosters social skills and exposure to the STEAM hands-on activities is needed in the 21 century to keep them competitive. Your child will meet new friends and learn new skills. Parents also will benefit from networking with other home schooling parents.

* We offer weekday classes in 8 week increments. 

STEAM Sitters

For busy parents that need a sitter and are looking for more than just a nanny.

We are proud to offer a new service where we bring the fun to your home with one-on-one STEAM-infused activities!

Only $25 per hour

- We provide all supplies needed for the STEAM activity

- STEAM activities last for approximately 45 minutes each

- Services run in 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour time blocks

- 1 STEAM activity is offered for every two hour service



- Homework Help
- Pre-Med

- Yoga
- Computer Coding
- Arts & Crafts

STEAM Parties

Let us help you make your next party a STEAMtastic event! We bring all of the supplies to conduct a hands-on project that the children will rave about long after the event!


SOME of our party themes INCLUDE:

- STEAMettes Jewelry Engineering Birthday Party

- STEAMettes Natural Beauty Party

- 3D Modeling and Printing Birthday Party

- Scientific Adventure Party

- Toy Hack Birthday Party

- Sweet Victory Vegan Chef Party

- Candy Sushi Chef Birthday Party


We can also customize a party just for you! CONTACT us today!


We ask that you book your party from 2 weeks to 3 months in advance to ensure your child’s GI party date is available.