Spring Maker's Faires are around the corner!

SpringMakersFaire_Banners_IG Post.png

Spring is here and we are gearing up for another Maker's Faire! Our kids have worked hard throughout the school year, learning about new innovations and pushing the limits to what they think they can achieve. It is our goal to make learning fun, with hands-on projects that are created to help children develop relevant skills for the future. Our Maker's Faire events showcase all of the exciting projects children have completed with us in our after school program and we hope all parents can join us in celebrating their accomplishments. Mark your calendars for this very special event!

Please see below for our schools and dates:

Heards Ferry: May 2nd

Wesley International Academy: May 4th

Liberty Tech: May 10th

Ison Springs: May 11th

Spalding Drive:  May 16th

Resurgence: May 18th