Community Engagement

Our community engagement programs enhance the desire of communities to enact social change and increase human performance through STEAM learning opportunities.

Community engagement programming moves communities towards being aware of the challenges we face at home in our own communities as well as abroad, and moves communities to recognize STEAM knowledge as a conduit to solving challenges that secure positive change. Our programming areas that support community engagement are as follows:



STEAM Community Nights

GI will bring together students, parents, and community organizations to enjoy a night of hands-on minds-on STEAM activities. We will come out and create multiple STEAM stations that are set up for participants to mill around the room and enjoy various learning opportunities. Additionally, participants will learn about Georgia Mileston, Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.


Child & Family Therapy Services

GI will provide in home STEAM therapy sessions to families that are experiencing family challenges and receive services through support assistance programs. STEAM therapy is an excellent social, emotional and learning programming tool that engages children and families in fun therapeutic activities that relieve stress and enhance learning opportunities that may move persons towards positive change with a new found desire to attain a STEAM college degree through hands-on minds-on career exposure. The possibilities are limitless!


Super STEAM Saturdays

Generation Infocus offers free fun hands-on STEM Saturday workshops for children in K-8 grade throughout various locations in the metro Atlanta area.

Volunteer Support

We are always in need of STEAM professionals that are interested in sharing hands-on activities with our children. The exposure to various STEAM careers is very valuable to every child. Please call and place your company or yourself as an individual on our volunteers list. We also need supplies and free building space for our children. Please contact us if you are able to give the gift of supplies, building space, and volunteer support to run our free programs. We thank you in advance!